Samsung Galaxy Watches Might Soon Support WhatsApp Calls

Samsung Galaxy Watches Might Soon Support WhatsApp Calls

The most delinquent WhatsApp beta version indicates that Samsung Galaxy Watches might soon support WhatsApp calls.

Samsung has recently released its latest smartwatches in the lineup of Galaxy Watch 5, and this spotted feature appears not restricted to these new smartwatches.

WhatsApp Calls Feature Coming For Galaxy Watch 4 & 5


WhatsApp has unleashed the latest beta version ( of the WhatsApp app. And some of the users tested its newly rumored calling feature with the latest Galaxy Watch 5. And they found that it is functioning.

As they received WhatsApp Calls on their paired smartphone, it instantly went to their Galaxy Watch 5. This confirms that after Google Assistant support, WhatsApp calls are coming to WearOS.

There’s also promising news for the Galaxy Watch 4 users; this feature is not solely for the latest emitted smartwatch, and they can also benefit from a bit of change.

Jotta Morales, a Reddit user, shared a screenshot of Galaxy Watch 4 paired with Pixel 6 while acquiring the call on it, which you can witness above and on the right side, Galaxy Watch 5’s user interface.

The contrast in UI between both the watches is that Galaxy Watch 4 users won’t catch the profile picture of the caller. But the Galaxy Watch 5 will. And its icons are enlightened by Watch native One UI call screen.

Presently, no facts are available on when this feature will go live for all users.

And it appears that its coming is more dependent on WhatsApp than Samsung or Google’s WearOS update, so we can hopefully say that it’s coming very soon.

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