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How to Undervolt an AMD Graphics Card

Before we get to the steps to undervolt an AMD GPU, we need to know what is undervolting. Undervolting is the process through which voltage to the GPU is lowered to achieve lower temperatures keeping performance the same.

Following are the steps to undervolt an AMD GPU:

  1. Open the AMD control panel by right-clicking on the desktop.
  2. Once in the AMD control panel, click on the performance tab from the top bar.
  3. In the performance tab, click on Tuning. After that, more options will be visible to us. We have to enable two options. The first one is GPU tuning, and the second one is Advanced control.
  4. In Advanced control, we have two options, frequency, and voltage. We will enable voltage to access your GPU’s voltage limits.
  5. Start by lowering the voltage a little. Simply input the new values in the boxes; you may need to play around with these until you have the exact frequency as before but with a lower voltage.
  6. Now you have to test your GPU. To test your GPU, I recommend using FurMark or Heaven Benchmark software to see your GPU performance and temperatures.
  7. Compares the results with the previous one to see if there is an improvement in temperature and performance.
  8. You can also use HWiNFO to see the results of GPU and CPU in real time.

When satisfied with the result, click save changes in AMD Control Panel.

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