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MSI Stealth 15M Review – Gaming Laptop

MSI has launched its new Stealth 15M gaming laptop. It is a lightweight gaming laptop that can easily carry around a sound concept. Now let’s delve into the details below;


The MSI Stealth 15M stands less than other slim, light gaming laptops. MSI’s dragon logo on the lid and the oversized air intake above the keyboard are signs t that this is a gaming keyboard. In some areas of the laptop, MSI takes inspiration from non-gaming laptops, too.

The MSI Stealth 15M weighs 1.8kg and is 17mm thick. It comes with a 15-inch laptop with a dedicated GPU with a weight and thickness comparable to a non-gaming model. It lacks super-fast Thunderbolt ports. However, when you get an HDMI 2.0 port and a USB-C that supports DisplayPort, you don’t need that.

Additionally, an extra USB-C with 10Gbpsinformation measure and two 5Gbps USB-A ports, plus a 3.5mm headphone/mic socket. MSI Stealth 15M also comes with a “spectrum backlight keyboard.”


Display quality is the most evident issue of the MSI Stealth15M. While I don’t suppose it’s flat-out poor face-to-face, it’s considerably worse than I’d hope for from a £1500-1600 laptop. Color is the main drawback.

The MSI Stealth 15M covers a dismal 56.4% of the sRGB color gamut – you’d expect to see at least 100% coverage. The maximum brightness of 284 nits is pretty poor, though it ought to prove sufficiently for indoor play – as long as you don’t go near a bright window.

The MSI Stealth 15M features a matte, reflection-scattering screen like most gaming laptops. Contrast is additionally dissatisfactory, touching 781:1 at 150-nit brightness and 934:1 at maximum brightness. The valuable thing is that it has a display with a 144Hz refresh rate.


The product is among the primary waves of Intel’s twelfth information processor laptops, which includes the Core i7-1280P chip. It delivers good results, netting the MSI Stealth 15M 10,772 points in Geekbench 5 – an approximately 15% bump over the Core i7-11800H while utilizing less power. Great stuff.

This chip features 16GB of RAM, an Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU, and 1TB PCIe 4 SSD able to read 3633MB/s and writes 3471MB/s. For all the criticisms presented in this review, the specs make the Stealth 15M sound good at £1499.

Battery Life:

The MSI Stealth15M incorporates a 53.8Whr battery and a 180W power adapter. This capability isn’t excellent for a laptop, which frequently solely lasts 90 minutes off a charge, even with 99.9Whr capability.

Play sessions with control, maxing out the GPU but not the CPU, suggest a charge might last as little as 52 minutes. However, regarding day-to-day productivity? It endured 2hrs 50mins in PCMark 10’s modern office benchmark – a downright dismal result.

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