How to Show or Hide Folders and Apps in the Start Menu on Windows 10

How to Show or Hide Folders and Apps in the Start Menu on Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a lot of Start menu customization. You can have a normal old-style Start menu, or you can have a full-screen modern start. You can have a Start with no tiles or a Start with all the tiles. When you click on the Start button in the Windows 10, you will see the interface is split into three separate sections.
You can customize quite a few things about the look and feels of the Start menu, including the list of folders or links that appear on the left side. By default, you will see items like Power, Network, Downloads, Settings, etc.
In this article, I will show you how to customize the icons that appear on the Start menu. If you are looking for a way to remove or hide apps from the Windows Start menu that appears in the list of all programs, then scroll down to the section titled “Remove Apps from Start Menu”.

Show/Hide Folders in Start Menu


To get started, go ahead and click on the Setting icon on the Start menu.
Click on Start menu

Now select the Personalization tab to open it.
Choose Personalization

Next click on the Start in the left-hand menu and then you will see all the settings for customizing.
Click on Start

Click on the Choosewhichfolderappearson Start for more settings.
Click on the Choose which folders appears on Start

Just select the folders which you want to display on the Start menu. So all the selected folders appear on Start.
Turn on/off the toggle


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