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How to Enable NVIDIA in-game Overlay

Gaming is fun, and the more you play a game the more skill you develop. You might want to record your highlights and upload them on YouTube or maybe you want to start streaming to show off your skills. In the past, we had to use external software to record our highlights and then upload them separately.

However, now with the help of Nvidia in-game overlay, you can record your gameplay, save your highlights, stream or capture screenshots and upload them directly to YouTube. To enable Nvidia in-game overlay for recording or streaming requires GeForce experience to be installed.

First, you need to make sure is that your hardware is capable of capturing videos or streaming. Because Streaming and recording consume a lot of resources if you are just running a mid-tier setup enabling NVIDIA recording, or overlay is not recommended.

Because it might cause lag and fps drops in the game. First please make sure that you have installed the latest NVIDIA driver and installed GeForce Experience to enable NVIDIA in-game overlay.

So make sure that during driver installation you have checked the NVIDIA graphics driver and GeForce experience option.

However, if you haven’t, you can also manually download GeForce Experience.

Install GeForce Experience to Enable NVIDIA in-game Overlay

Enable Nvidia In-game Overlay

After the installation completes, open up the GeForce Experience. You can either double-click on the desktop icon or open it up from the search bar by clicking on the Start menu or Search Icon and typing GeForce Experience.

Open GeForce Experience To Enable NVIDIA in-game Overlay

Now the software will prompt you to log in. So, log in with your account or make one however, you can also use your Google or Facebook account to log into NVIDIA.

It does not require you to create a new account. So, we recommend using your Google account as it will help you upload your highlights directly to your YouTube channel.

Login or Create your Account To Enable NVIDIA in-game Overlay

Now once you are logged in click on the “settings” icon in the top right corner of the software.

Scroll down and enable “in-game overlay” in the in-game overlay tab.

If you do not see this option to enable NVIDIA Overlay please check if your system meets the minimum requirement for enabling the overlay.

To check the minimum requirements, and what features are available for you. Check the features tab in GeForce experience on the right corner.

Check out the minimum requirements to Enable NVIDIA in-game Overlay

If these features say “Ready” that means it is available for you. However, if it says “not available” open the feature tab and check out the minimum requirements.

Now that you have enabled the Nvidia Overlay press ALT+Z to open it up. You can open this overlay on your desktop or in any game.

Here you will see a few options. You can set up Instant replay, Recording, or Streaming. However, I will write about setting up each feature in detail later. Right now, I will only tell you what each feature does.

Features of NVIDIA Overlay.

  • The first option is Instant Replay, and when you turn it on It will keep on recording in a loop while you play your game, and whenever you want to save your highlight it will save the specified duration. It usually records in a loop and does not save any recordings directly to your computer. You have to press the ALT+F10 key to save your clip. However, you can change this shortcut from settings.
  • The next option is, “Record”. Unlike the highlights option when you turn on this option it will start recording and will save the whole recording instead of a small clip. You can use this option to record your desktop screen as well.
  • Broadcasting is the third option that you will see. You can set up NVIDIA to broadcast directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. However, please note that NVIDIA only allows you to stream 720p on Facebook. However, you can still stream at 1080p on both YouTube and Twitch by using NVIDIA In-game overlay. If you want to stream 1080p on Facebook you will require another software and your Facebook page should a part of the Facebook level up Program.

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