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How to Retrieve or Delete sent Messages on Facebook Messenger

Some time we sent a message to wrong recipient or words don’t reflect which you were anticipating and you normally got this understanding after the messages were sent. Using this feature now you have the provision now you have the capability to retrieve or delete the message that you sent mistakenly even though it leaves a trace which indicates a message was deleted. This feature was first launched in WhatsApp and now Facebook Messenger launched this feature worldwide.

Retrieve or Delete Sent Messages on Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched this feature on both Android and iOS messenger apps. So, you need to check if your app is updated with the latest update available:

Using this feature is straight forward you just need to follow the below Steps:

  • Open the Facebook messenger
  • Tap on the conversation where you sent the message
  • Tap and hold the message

  • It will prompt to copy, Forward or Remove option:

  • A popup window will appear

  • You can select either you want “Remove for everyone” or “Remove for you”

Once you remove the message it will be deleted as per your selections, but it’s important to know that it will leave a mark and it will be indicating that a message was deleted.

Even though you delete the message but there can chances that recipient already read it and maybe have taken a snapshot of that image, so this cannot be a solution to a bigger problem unless you deleted this before the recipient read it.

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