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Steps to Stay Safe on WhatsApp

The safety and security of your messages matter to any social media platform. WhatsApp has terms of service that mention every condition and design to help everyone feel secure.

Terms of Service

One way to help people to stay safe while using WhatsApp is the Terms of service. They mention prohibited activities, which include illegal sharing of content, threatening, harassing, hateful and unethical. They just block the account of those who violate the Terms of Service.

Be mindful of what you share

It depends on you what you share with your WhatsApp contacts. When you share something on WhatsApp through your chats, status, etc., a person next to you can forward those messages or something to other chats. WhatsApp also has a location share option, so always be mindful of what you share with your contacts. You can also select only those contacts who can see your status or anything else.

Safety and security features

On WhatsApp, one of the great features is that you can control settings that you see fit to help you feel safe.

Privacy settings

Here are some following options.

  • Everyone

Anyone can see your last seen, profile photo, and status.

  • My contacts

Only your saved contacts can see your last seen, profile photo, or anything you shared.

  • My contacts except

Except for those you exclude, you can see your last seen, profile photo, etc.

  • Nobody

No one can see your last seen or anything else on your WhatsApp

Read Receipt

By reading receipts, we mean that people can view when you see their messages. Or, if you turn it off, you won’t be able to send or receive read receipts. But they are always used in group chats, even if you turn them off.

Block or report messages/contact

If you feel any danger from someone, you can report his messages or contact us. WhatsApp blocks those accounts that violate the rules or send hurtful or threatening messages.

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