Zoho Lens: Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Software

Zoho Lens: Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Software

What is Zoho Lens?

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance - Zoho Lens
Credits: Zoho

With Zoho Lens (an augmented reality-based remote assistance software), you can glance at equipment concerns— from plant machinery to servers—at any instant, right from your desk, by accessing a user’s mobile phone camera at the remote location

Key features

Zoho Lens AR remote assistance software allows you to see the issue collaborate, and get things done faster.

Live Camera Streaming

Regard the camera stream of your remote customer’s smartphone or smart glass and train them right from your desk by regarding the live high-definition video. 

Highlighting on 3D Objects

AR annotations let you and your customer add additional virtual information to the live camera stream. You can utilize other annotation tools to mark and write on the screen.

VoIP and text chat

Interact with your client through VoIP and text to deliver better remote assistance.


Grab a snapshot of the incoming camera stream to document different events during the session or analyze further.

Freeze image

Freeze the incoming camera stream to research, analyze, and consult the technical segments of a specific scenario in more significant depth.

Session Recording

Document sessions started in your alliance to deliberate on all your session proceedings, make extensive trails, and record all your sessions to build a knowledge base.

Mobile SDK NEW

Use Len’s SDK for iOS and Android to count remote access credentials to your mobile app and let end-users join sessions instantly from your application.

Multi-participant NEW

As a Specialist, you can invite participants with various skill sets to assist you during a remote assistance session. The invited participants can utilize Len’s functionalities to communicate their expertise and support finding solutions in double-quick time.

How Zoho Lens will play a central role in enhancing your business

Save money by reducing travel costs.

Why would you tour a customer’s location if you can train them to fix issues from your desk? Zoho Lens augmented reality remote assistance software preserves you a lot of money by allowing you to avoid on-site visits. 

A more effective way of solving problems

Technicians on the ground can offer the problem to an expert utilizing their smartphone and get help in no time.

Increase productivity by reducing downtime

Zoho Lens improves efficiency and productivity by letting you provide the end user with instructions to resolve issues then and there.

An AR remote assistance software that helps anyone who needs assistance.

Zoho Lens is created to help professionals who desire to aid a person in fixing an issue remotely and need a complete view of their customer’s situation. Happenings such as a misconfigured server, a vandalized machine part, or a challenging hardware problem no longer need a technician to travel.

Here are important sectors where Zoho Lens, AR remote assistance software can enhance problem-solving and save time and money.

  • Field Service
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Retail

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