Windows 12: Everything We Know So Far, Including Release Date

Microsoft presented a new version of Windows last year after a long time, which is controversial Windows 11; the company is whispered to launch Windows 12 in a couple of years.

Windows 12 was spotlighted when a reliable source revealed Microsoft’s new release cycle. Still, the company is yet to confirm all these details, and it officially didn’t say anything about Windows 12.

Windows 12 Is Supposed To Come In 2024

It all started when Windows Central reported that Microsoft’s new release cycle would let the company release the latest version of Windows every three years. 

In simple words, Microsoft declared cutting down two annual updates into one major one last year. This new cycle will offer a new Windows operating system after its two important yearly updates.

Windows 12 Release Timeline

With this meta, we can suppose that Windows 12 will come in 2024 because Windows 11 launched in 2021. And its last major update will arrive in 2023, which is anticipated to be codenamed Sun Valley 3.

Besides, Microsoft is already working on the 2H22 version (Sun Valley 2) of Windows 11, which is hoped to launch in October this year.

Will it be Free or Paid?

You might be wondering if this update will be free or paid; currently, there is no information regarding this, but we can expect it to be payable because, with this upgrade, Microsoft can provide many new features.

Microsoft will not force you to upgrade to this version; it is entirely up to you, or if it came as free, you might have a higher chance of upgrading.


As Windows begins testing upcoming features in its Insider Program, Windows 12 will have some features we already witnessed in insider previews, such as new search icons and many more. Besides, there will be adding new features too.

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