How to Password Protect an Excel File on Windows 10

If you use a computer, you have some Microsoft Excel documents on your PC that you would not want other peoples to find and read. Excel files are used by average persons, institutions, government, businesses, and millions of peoples all over the world.  

If you absolutely must use Excel to store sensitive information, then it is always better to use the latest version of Excel. It is easy to crack the password in the older versions of Excel. In addition to password protecting your Excel file, you can secure it further by encrypting the entire file. This will safeguard your document if it is stolen from your computer.

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to protect your file with a password.

Set Password to Excel File

First of all, in Excel open the document which you want to secure. Click on the File button.

Click on File

Look for the Info tab then click on it.

Click on Info button

Click on the ProtectWorkbooks drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu click on the Encrypted with Password option.

Click on the Encrypt with Password

A new window is opened, which tells you to enter your password. Type your password and click on the OK button.

Type the Password and Click on OK

Now you will see that your Excel workbook will be password protected.


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