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How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel

Utilizing Microsoft Excel macros, you can execute a prerecorded set of steps to automate numerous of your redundant tasks. You’ll need to turn on the option before you can use it. This article will show you how to enable macros for all Excel spreadsheets.

Be Smart When Enabling Macros

Activating macros is not always secure, and you should exclusively use them when you’re confident of the source of your spreadsheets. Useful macros preserve your time by automating your tasks, but inadequate macros can harm your device.

For instance, if you’ve acquired your spreadsheet from an unknown source, you shouldn’t rely upon it to run any macros as you aren’t confident what it will do. However, allowing your spreadsheets to execute macros should be okay if you know the source and trust them. Keep reading if you want to enable Macros in Microsoft Excel.

Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel for all Spreadsheets

It’s not recommended to enable macros for all your spreadsheets, but if you’re certain you’ll only open secure and authorized files, you can activate the feature as described below.

If you’re a Windows user, open Microsoft Excel on your device first. Once it opens, click File at the top left, and then from the Excel’s left sidebar, click “Options.”

On the “Excel Options” screen, select “Trust Center” from the sidebar on the left. Then, click the “Trust Center Settings” option on the right.

Once you get to the “Trust Center” screen, from the sidebar on the left,  select “Macro Settings.” Next, on the right side, activate the “Enable VBA Macros (Not Recommended; Potentially Dangerous Code Can Run)” option. Then click “OK” at the bottom.

That’s it. Microsoft Excel will now let any spreadsheet run macros.

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