How To Enable Dark Mode To All Default Apps In Windows 10

How To Enable Dark Mode To All Default Apps In Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a Dark mode setting that changes the colors used by Windows and some other apps to a darker color. Windows 10 doesn’t set Dark mode by default. We have to enable it manually. This mode is widely used in low light condition but most of the Windows users use it to make her PC different. If you want to enable the Dark mode in Windows 10 then follow the following steps.

Go to the Start menu and click on the Setting app to open it.
Start menu to open setting app

Look for the Personalization and click on it to open the settings of Personalization.Personalization in setting app

On the left side of the Setting app screech for the Color then click on Color.
Color section in windows 10

Scroll down and look for Choose your default app mode and enable the Dark to set  Dark mode.
Dark mode enables

Then you will see that all your default app in Windows 10 will be converted to Dark mode. This will help you to work easier during the night time.

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