Beautify Your WhatsApp With Custom Wallpaper in Android

Beautify Your WhatsApp With Custom Wallpaper in Android

Whatsapp is normally used for personal messaging. But most people use Whatsapp for their business purposes. If you have a dual sim smartphone, then Whatsapp doesn’t help in this situation. You can’t link more than one account in one Whatsapp. You can not run more than one account at the same time. Whatsapp allows its users to personalize by changing wallpapers. Everybody gets the same wallpaper when they install the app. But you can change the wallpaper and set another wallpaper. You can also set a specific wallpaper for every chat

How to Set Wallpaper for all Chats

First of all, you have to install the latest version of Whatsapp from the Google Play Store. If you have Whatsapp, so update it to the latest version. Then open it and click on the three dots located at the top left corner of the screen. 

Click on Three-dots

Select the Setting from the drop-down menu list to open the Setting. 

Select the Settings

Click on the Chats tab and click again on the Wallpaper button. 

Click on Chats           Click on Wallpapers

You can set the Solid colors, default wallpapers, and gallery photos. Click on the Gallery to choose the background picture from your gallery. 

Select Gallery

Choose the picture you want to add to the background. 

Choose ypur Image

Click on the Set to change the background. 

Click on Set



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