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How to Use Android Messages/SMS from Web (Sending/Receiving Messages from Internet)

In this article, I will explain how we can use messages from the web Android feature so that we can send and receive SMS using a web portal. This feature is similar to WhatsApp for the web as you can access your WhatsApp account from the web. To access your SMS from the web, follow the following steps.


SMS from Web

The system will ask you to scan the code, open your messages application on your Android phone and click on three dots at top right corner and then click on Messages from Web.

SMS from Web

This will open the QR scanning option on your phone. Tap QR code scanner.

SMS from Web

Once scanned, the browser will open SMS stored on your mobile. Click on start chat and you will be able to start sending an SMS to your phone.

SMS from Web

You can also modify the settings using web interface click on that three dots at top right corner and then click settings.

You will have different setting options related to SMS services so that the can easily be used on the web.

SMS from Web

By following the steps you can access SMS from your phone through the web browser. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the internet. This feature is available in Android Pie. You can also download messages application from Play Store to access your SMS from the web.

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