How to Split Data into Different Columns using Flash Fill

Flash Fill is one of the amazing features provided by Excel. It grabs a task that would take hours to be performed manually and executes it automatically in a flash. And it does so quickly and simply without you having to do a thing. Flash Fill is a special tool that analyzes the information you are entering and automatically fills data when it identified a pattern. Each time, Flash Fill combines Excel of small programs that might accomplish the tasks. If you want to Flash Fill the Data in Excel then the following examples may help you.

Extract Countries from Cells

Fill the First cell and press the Enter button.

Go to the Data Tab and click on the Flash Fill option.
Select Flash Fill from Data Tab

The Shortcut key of the Flash Fill is Ctrl+E

Get the First name from Full Name

Suppose you have a database and you want to extract the first name from the cell. Then fill the first cell and follow the below steps. Go to the Data Tab and select the Flash Fill option.
Select the cell

Now you can see that the First name is extracted from the cell.
Flash Fill done


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