YouTube Shorts Might Finally be Getting Monetization Program

We all know YouTube Shorts is still offering revenue to these developers via Shorts Fund, which is not so awesome because it works like a chance for the creators, and its revenue is significantly lower.

But now, according to a statement by The New York Times, YouTube will add more ads in the YouTube Shorts category in every region as it was just testing them till now.

And with that, the company is presenting monetization features like it already has. But it will be different in terms of criteria and revenue cut-off percentage.

Currently, there are no facts about the criteria users can authorize for this monetization program. But one YouTube already has, which needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour’s watch time.

But reports say it will be various than the above because getting watch time and subscribers from shorts differs from getting from usual videos.

And about revenue sharing, the company might offer 45% of the ad earnings to Shorts designers. Which is 10% less than YouTube videos with a 55% ad revenue sharing plan.

Besides, the company is expected to officially announce it today, September 20th.

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