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How to Use Google Password Manager on Android

A password manager is great if you like to save passwords that are secure and straightforward to recognize. Google’s Password Manager built-in to Chrome is a widespread option and functions on Android.

While we don’t necessarily suggest everyone utilize their browser’s password manager, it’s more valuable than nothing. Plus, Google’s password manager has enhanced immensely over the years. If you utilize it in Google Chrome on your device, you should also use it on Android. This article will walk you through how it works.

Use Google Password Manager on Android

To get started, go to your Andriod Device Settings. Search for the “Passwords Manager” option.

Password Manager

This is the Google Password Manager. You can explore your saved passwords to edit the details or remove outdated ones. You’ll need to enter your Google password to access any of the passwords.

At the top of the mobile screen, you’ll see the “Password Checkup” option. You can run this to watch if any of your passwords needs improvement for security.

Password checkup in Android

Lastly, we’ll take a look at the settings. Click the gear icon in the top right corner. Here’s where you can choose if you like Google to offer to keep passwords when you type them in apps and websites in Chrome. You can decide to automatically sign in to websites and get notifications when your passwords have been compromised.

Password Manager Settings

And if you desire to utilize the Password Manager frequently, you can put a shortcut to the home screen on your smartphone.

Shortcut to homescreen

That’s all there is to the Google Password Manager. It’s not the most practical or secure password manager out there, but it’s probably the most comfortable to utilize if you’re a Chrome and Android user.

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