How to use Facebook Comment on WordPress Blogs

Facebook is the largest social platform in the world. It gives us a very friendly user interface that’s why most of the blog websites use Facebook comments instead of the default comments. WordPress is one of the best blog websites. It also uses Facebook comments instead of its own default comments.  A WordPress plugin is the easiest way to add Facebook comments to WordPress. But there is another way to add comments in WordPress is by using Lazy Facebook Comments.

Setting Up Facebook Comments in WordPress

If you have a site on WordPress and you planned to add the Facebook comments to your WordPress site then you have to follow the below steps.
First Log in to your WordPress website and click on the FB comments from the Setting Tab.
Select Lazy FB Comment
Click on the Facebook Developers page link which is in the FB Application ID.
Click on the Facebook Developer
The Facebook developer page is opened. Click on the Basic option from the Settings tab.
Select Basic option
Scroll down and click on the Add Platform. It will ask you to select the category click on the Website.
Select Website from Category
Enter the Site URL and click on the Save Changes.
Type Site URL
All the data is saved which you provide to the Facebook developers page. Copy the App ID by clicking on the App ID number.
Copy ID number
Paste that ID number to FB Application ID and click on the Save all changes.
Paste ID number here

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