How to Show File Extension and Hidden Files on Windows 10

Microsoft has learned a few things in the last couple of years and one of those is was always a pain to view file extension and hidden files in the previous version of Windows.  In order to avoid confusion regarding your saved files, you may want to configure Windows to show all common file extensions, such as .bat, zip, etc. Luckily, in Windows 10, Microsoft has made it really easy to show file extension and to show hidden files.

There are several methods to show the hidden files and file extension. But here, I will show you the simple steps to complete this task more easily.

Show File Extension in Windows 10 Explorer

Open File Explorer and go to the folder where you want to see the file extensions or hidden files.

Go to the folder


On the right side of the View ribbon, you will see the Show/Hide panel. Here you can simply check the file name extensions box to show the file extension.

IMG Mark Shoe Hidden Files and File Extension

If you want to see all the hidden files including protected system files, you have to click on the Options button and click on the Change folder and screech option.

Click on the Options button


Then click on the View tab and scroll down to the Hide protected operating system files and uncheck the box. You will get a warning pop up message saying it could be unsafe to unhide protected files.

Click n the OK



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