How to Change the Default System Language in Windows 11

Regarding the hierarchy of Windows in the desktop operating system market, Microsoft presents a variety of languages in the OS so that users across the globe can utilize Windows in the language they’re comfortable with. Like prior Windows releases, Windows 11 also allows you to change your system language. This article will walk you through the steps to change the Windows 11 default system language. Let’s get started.

Change Windows 11 Language from Settings

Click the Windows Start Menu and search for Settings and open the results. Once you get there, click the “Time & language” from the sidebar on the left. Next, select “Language & region” on the right side.

Now, click “Add a language” to add a new language.

Once you do so, a list of all supported languages will appear. Choose your preferred language and click “Next.”

Enable the “Set as my Windows display language” checkbox from the language preferences window and click “Install.”

That’s it! You are all set to go now with your preferred language, and that’s how you can change & adjust system languages on your Windows 11 device.

Turn off Language Sync to Microsoft Account

When you switch the system language on your Windows 11, the preference gets synced across all the devices associated with your Microsoft account. However, you can turn this sync off to use your chosen language on different PCs. Follow the process mentioned below to turn off language sync to your Microsoft account.

Open Windows Settings, click “Accounts” from the sidebar on the left, and select “Windows backup” on the right.

Expand the “Remember my preferences” option, and uncheck “Language preferences.”

You’re all set. You can now use various languages across your Windows 11 devices.

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