How to Block/Unblock Someone on Gmail

Sometimes it’s not adequate to just mark the email as Spam. Google’s filters aren’t 100% practical, and the rare junk mail might slip around, finding its way to your inbox. And occasionally, you just have to Block/Unblock Someone on Gmail or you might need to cut someone out of your life radically. You can block emails from specific senders for good with this simple guide. Let’s begin.


How to Block


Open your Gmail account, select an email from the re-offender and click the three dots icon to the far right of the sender’s name. Select Block (Sender Name) from the drop-down menu.


Gmail Settings


A confirmation popup will arrive; click Block to confirm.


Block someone on Gmail


That’s it. You will stop receiving emails from this address.


How to Unblock


If you have changed your mind and want to hear from your contact again, all you need is to visit your Gmail account settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses. Once you get there, scroll down a bit and click Unblock right next to the sender you wish to unblock.


Unblock someone on Gmail


Once done, close the settings, and you will start receiving the messages from that account. 

This is how you can Block/Unblock Someone on Gmail.


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