Apple is Reportedly Working on an iPad-like Smart Display

Apple is Reportedly Working on an iPad-like Smart Display

New affordable smart displays, an updated Apple TV, and that freaky HomePod / Apple TV fusion are in the creations.

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new iPad-like Smart Display and other smart home appliances.

In addition to the matching but Matter-equipped relaunch of the original HomePod, Apple is moving more in-depth into the home space with a more diminutive display akin to a Google Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show

According to citations comparative to the discussions, the device would be similar to an iPad. But less costly, acquainted with home use, and contain a magnet for mounting. 

The device would seem to be more limited in scope than an iPad. And primarily used for FaceTime chats and different smart home devices. 

Here’s expecting it can decode the multi-user problem that makes current iPads undesirable for home control use. There have also been discussions about larger smart home displays down the line.

Apple is Reportedly Working on an iPad-like Smart Display
Image: Google

In acquisition, Apple is analyzing a refresh of the Apple TV with a quicker processor for the first half of 2024, but the device will not support 8k. 

The combination HomePod / Apple TV project also seems to have suffered knocks but is still in the works, according to the source. The iPad-like Smart Display are still far away and will not launch until early next year or perhaps later.

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