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Jellyfin: The Free Media Software Media System

How to Update Jellyfin for the Latest Features and Improvements

Updating Jellyfin is crucial to ensure your media streaming experience stays up-to-date and improved. In this article, we will guide you through simple steps to update Jellyfin on different operating…

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How to Change Your DNS Server on Windows 10

Windows 10 utilizes your ISP’s DNS server by default, but it is possible to modify it. Other DNS servers present more features like added security and privacy website filtering, and…

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Desktop icons in Windows 11

How to Set Particular Desktop Icons to Appear on Windows 11

Windows 11 doesn’t show any particular icons (such as “This PC” or “User’s Files”) by default on your desktop. If you’d like a traditional Windows display look, you can allow…

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How to Set Windows Media Player as the Default on Windows 10

Microsoft developed a Windows Media Player, and it is used for playing audio and videos. It is an essential application for windows to perform various tasks, most importantly, to play…

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How to Fix and Use Custom Search Keywords in Google Chrome

Google is the most famous search engine in the world. You can say that today no one can ever imagine living without the internet as it has become a vital…

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