How to Turn On and Use Remote Desktop on Windows 11

Have you ever been felt tired of sitting right next to your computer? If so, you are at the right place. This article will walk you through the whole process of remotely accessing your computer from your smartphone or tablet. 

Remote Desktop allows you to connect and access your computer through a remote desktop tool. Once you got remote access to your computer. You can carry on simple tasks like app installation, checking downloads. Or even copying files from your computer.

Turn on Remote Desktop on Windows 11

To enable remote desktop on Windows 11, all you need is to click the Start Menu and search for the “Settings.” Alternatively, press Windows+i on your keyboard to quickly launch the Windows Settings app.

remote desktop on Windows 11

Once it appears, choose the “System” from the sidebar on the left and select “Remote Desktop” from the right-hand side.

remote desktop on Windows 11

Now, toggle the switch on for “Remote Desktop.”

remote desktop on Windows 11

A new window will pop-ups; click “confirm.”

remote desktop on Windows 11

Select the drop-down button right next to the switch. Place a checkmark in the box for “Require devices to use Network Level Authentication Connect (Recommended).” After turning this option on, you’ll need to add the Windows user account password of the remote computer to ascertain yourself on the local network. After successful verification, you will see the Windows login screen.

remote desktop on Windows 11

Click the “Confirm” button to turn on that additional layer of security for using Remote Desktop.

This is how you can remotely access your computer through a phone or tablet.

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