How to Test the speed of an SD card in Windows 10

The full form of SD Card is Secure Digital Card. It comes with Mini and Micro formats. Mini cards are installed in the Digitals cameras and other devices. But Micro cards are only installed in Smartphones and Tablets that allow users to store data in them. SD cards are responsible for storing a large amount of data in it. SD cards have fast transferred data speed and some have faster than others. The speed of the SD card depends on the manufacturer of the SD card. As we all know that SD cards are the storage device and it is also connected to the computer through Card Reader. This is normally an internal device though external ones can connect to it as well. 

Speed Test of SD card  

The SD card is not connected to the computer directly, we need a Card Reader to connect it to the computer. To test the speed of the SD card you have to follow the below steps. 

First of all, you connect the SD card to the computer via Card Reader. 

In order to test the speed you have to need an application. This application is free to use and especially developed for Windows users. You can download the software by clicking here.

After installing the software, open the software, and select the drive to test its speed.Select the Drive

Click on the start button and it starts testing Read and Write speed of the selected drive.

Click on the Start


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