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How to Restore Deleted Contacts Using the Google Contacts App

The best and most comfortable way to restore deleted contacts is to operate the Google Contacts app.

Most Android gadgets that utilize Google services will test and sync your contacts to your Google account. By design, this lets you boost to another Android device without forfeiting your contacts.

It also shows you a failsafe, as Google doesn’t instantly delete contacts you remove. Instead, it’ll keep them in a trash bin for you to retrieve within 30 days.

If you’re operating the Google Contacts app on your device, you’ll be capable of deleting and restoring your contacts using this system. 

Additional contact apps (such as the Contacts app operated on Samsung Galaxy devices) will also utilize this system. You can repair contacts deleted in those apps utilizing Google Contacts (and vice versa).

To restore deleted contacts using Google Contacts:

All you need is to launch the Google Contacts app on your device. Once launched, click the Fix & manage tab at the bottom.

Click the Bin or Trash option in the Fix & manage menu (depending on your locale).

Contacts deleted within the past 30 days on your android device will be recorded here. If you’ve deleted a contact recently, click the contact in the Bin or Trash folder.

In the following menu, tap Recover to convert it to your contact list.

If you need to restore deleted contacts from the last backup (such as contacts deleted over 30 days before), click Fix & manage > Restore contacts and click Restore to restore contacts from a prior Google backup you’ve made.

Restore contacts 

Once the contact is restored, it’ll reappear in your contacts list. You’ll be capable of texting and calling the contact again.

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