How to add the Slicer in Table of the Excel Spreadsheet

Excel gives us many features to make our tasks easy and reliable. That’s why Excel has given us the Slicker option. The slicer is nothing but the visual filter buttons that can be added under Excel’s PivotCharts, PivotTables, and Tables. The main advantage of the Slicer is that they also give you a visual of what are all the filters applied to the data given which makes a user understand the data more precisely. You can easily insert Slicers in Excel. If you want to add the Slicer in the Excel Table then you have to follow the below steps.

First, you have to select all the cells in the Pivot table.

Select the whole Table

Then click on the Insert tab look for the Slicer in the Filters section and click on it.

Insert the Slicer

A new pop-up window is open and selects the dimensions.  You can select more than one dimension at one time. But in my case, I select the Region dimension then press the OK button.

Select the dimension

The Slicer automatically identifies the unique items of the selected dimensions and lists them in the Slicer box. Once Slicer inserted the Slider, you can filter the data by simply clicking on it. 

Now you get slicer table


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