How to Insert the Column in the Excel in Windows 10

Excel is the sheet working application included in the MS Office pack. Excel allows the user to completes your daily tasks more accurately. Insert and delete a new Column or Rows organize your worksheet batter. Column organizes your data in Excel. If you are a beginner with this application then you have to know the simple table manipulation methods in Excel. If you want to insert a column in the spreadsheet then you have to follow the following steps to insert the column in the spreadsheet.

Click on the Start button and type the Excel in the screech bar then click on it to open it.Start menu to open the Excel\

Then open the Blank Worksheet by click on the Blank Worksheet.
Select the Blank document

On the spreadsheet, select the column letter at the top of the sheet where you want to add the column.
Select the Column

Right-click on the selected column then many options appear. Select the Insert option to insert the Column in the spreadsheet.
Select the Insert option

A new column will be added to the sheet.

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