How to Hide Likes on Facebook on PC - Mac & Mobile Devices

How to Hide Likes on Facebook on PC – Mac & Mobile Devices

You can configure your Facebook profile settings to suppress the number of comebacks (or likes) to your posts or comments. You can also conceal it for different posts you see.

One of the most straightforward methods to hide likes on Facebook is to utilize the Facebook website on your PC or Mac.

Hide likes on Facebook on PC or Mac:

To hide your Facebook Likes, you only need to open the Facebook website and sign in. Select your profile icon in the top-right. From the drop-down, click Settings & privacy > Settings.


In the Settings menu, choose Reaction Preferences on the right.

To hide reaction likes to your posts, click the On your posts slider to set it in the On position.

To hide the whole reaction likes, make sure both the On your posts and On posts from others sliders are enabled.

On your posts and On posts from others

The settings will activate instantly account-wide. Reaction likes will also appear hidden if you use the choose mobile app.

How to Hide Reaction Likes on Facebook on Mobile Devices

Utilizing the Facebook mobile app, you can also suppress your reaction likes on Facebook. Facebook app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

The strategy should be the same (or very similar) across all platforms.

Hide likes on Facebook on mobile devices:

To hide your Facebook likes, you only need to open the Facebook app and sign in (if necessary). Select the menu icon in the top-right.

Scroll down a bit in the menu and click Settings & privacy > Settings.

Settings & privacy

Once you get to the Settings & privacy menu, click the Reaction preferences option.

 Reaction preferences

To hide reaction likes on your posts, click the On your posts slider to enable it.

To hide reaction likes on posts other than your own, click the On posts from others slider.

On posts from others - Hide Likes on Facebook

Once you’ve made any modifications, Facebook will alert you at the bottom that your settings have been updated. The changes will apply account-wide, so you won’t need to reprise the process on the Facebook website.

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