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How to Convert a Word File into a PDF

This article will walk you through learning how to convert a word File into a PDF file using some simple steps. You can convert your word document into PDF on your Windows device by following the straightforward steps below. Here’s how;

How to Convert a Word File into a PDF

To convert a file, open it.

Double-click the File to open it after finding it in its proper location and choosing to convert it to a PDF.

Activate the Print menu

By clicking Ctrl + P, select File before clicking Print in the option that appears. You won’t be printing anything, so don’t worry if your computer doesn’t have a printer connected to it.

Press Print 

Usually, it’s at the menu’s bottom, but if you are using a Microsoft Office product, you will choose Print at the top of the menu. There will be a file explorer window.

Give your document a name.

Enter the name you want to give a PDF of your document in the File name section. Now you are producing a PDF copy of the document; you have an option of giving the PDF the same name as the original and storing it.

Choose a place to save

Choose the folder where you wish to save your PDF document. For instance, you would locate and select Desktop on the left-sidebar if you wanted to store your PDF on the Desktop.

Press Save

Once you are done, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Following all these steps, you can straightforwardly convert a Word file into a PDF.

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