How to Change Display Orientation on Windows 11

How to Change Display Orientation on Windows 11

On Windows 11, the default display orientation is the landscape (horizontal) mode since it lets us use the space better left to right. Still, depending on the content, sometimes it makes more sense to adjust the orientation to portrait (vertical) mode on the computer.

Usually, you would need to rotate the screen to reserve an external monitor for an app to vertically view its content, such as when coding or using social media platforms.

Whatever the reason, Windows 11 has a setting to modify the display orientation from landscape to portrait.

This article will teach you the steps to change the screen orientation on Windows 11.

How to Rotate Screen in Windows 11

To adjust the display orientation on Windows 11, all you need is to visit Windows Settings.

Display Orientation on Windows 11

Once you get to the Windows Settings, click System. Then select the Display tab on the right.

Display Orientation on Windows 11

Click “Display orientation”, under the “Scale & layout” section.

Display Orientation on Windows 11

  • Landscape – rotates the screen 180 degrees. 
  • Portrait – rotates the screen 90 degrees.
  • Landscape (flipped)  changes the orientation from vertical to horizontal and flips the view.
  • Portrait (flipped)  changes the orientation from horizontal to vertical and flips the view.

Once you finish the steps, you can operate the device in the selected orientation. If the option is grayed out, the PC doesn’t sustain the feature, or there’s a problem with the video driver.

These instructions are suggested for desktops with external monitors. If you are using a tablet, rotating the device should modify its orientation instantly. If this isn’t working, check if you may have enabled the option to lock rotation. You can turn off the “Rotation lock” from the Quick Settings Flyout using the Windows key + A keyboard shortcut or the “Display” settings page.

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