Google's Stadia Controller Bluetooth Support is Available Now

Google’s Stadia Controller Bluetooth Support is Available Now

Google’s Stadia Controller Bluetooth support tool is now live, letting all Stadia controllers connect to PCs and additional devices with Bluetooth Low Energy. 

Google’s tool to update Stadia controller functions over the web using Chrome should work for Windows and macOS users without downloading an app.

The tool will sabotage the proprietary Wi-Fi connectivity on the Stadia Controller and supersede it with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

If you like to use Stadia for one last time today or tomorrow, you’ll need to wait to execute the update. As it’ll disable the controller’s connectivity with Google’s servers.

Vandalizing the Wi-Fi connectivity also indicates that many workarounds will no longer process. Before Google’s surprise Bluetooth announcement last week, some Stadia players had connected wirelessly to an Android device. In order to keep the controller from e-waste.

Wired headphones won’t function if you plug them into the Stadia Controller after applying the Bluetooth update. You’ll need to connect headphones to a device paired with the controller instead. 

The Google Assistant and Capture buttons won’t function after the update either. But you’ll probably be able to map them in supported games and apps.

Once Bluetooth is allowed, you can pair a Stadia Controller with the Stadia button. And the Y button for two seconds until the status light begins flashing orange.

Strangely, Google expresses Stadia Controller owners only have until December 31st to update their controllers and allow Bluetooth mode. 

If you purchase a secondhand Stadia Controller next year, you might miss the chance to apply for the update. 

Google may extend that date in the future. But if you own a Stadia Controller, it’s well worth applying the update once Google’s servers shut down at 11:59 PM PT tomorrow.

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