Facebook WiFi and Your Business

First of all, let’s define what actually Facebook WiFi is? Facebook WiFi helps your customers leverage their Facebook achievements or credentials to check into your business or interact with your Facebook Page to acquire access to free WiFi on your permissions. The Facebook WiFi has an easy option to set up along with high security.

Easy Check-in to Your Business

Facebook WiFi features the easiest and a realistic setup designed to allow your customers to acquire access to a secondary portal through Facebook and get free WiFi instantly.

Gain Insight into your Customers and Business

As we see in this advanced world of technology that almost everyone uses WiFi. Now, you will be amazed to hear that Facebook offers free WiFi to know the demographics of other users who use your business’s WiFi. Facebook WiFi is a tremendous feature that can help you gain access to key information in order to grow your business.

Get more attention to your business

When you give permission to your clients to get connected or use your Facebook WiFi, they will also be able to engage with your Facebook business along with an ongoing promotion such as your active Facebook Page. Plus, spotlighting your Facebook business to other nearby customers or might be your customer’s friends.

An Instant Setup

Facebook has updated the best-in-class technology that provides quick and smooth WiFi for you and your clients also. Whether you are an owner of a Facebook page or running a small tea shop or busy boutique. So all you need is to have faster, reliable, and easy WiFi is much more essential.

How to setup Facebook WiFi

To set up Facebook WiFi, all you need is to read the following instruction to do so.
Setup your router according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Because these guidelines are:
Routers That Support Instagram and Facebook
Routers That Support Facebook
Intelbras (Brazil and Latin America only)
Ubiquiti UniFi
Open Mesh
Secondly, from the page setting, connect your Facebook Page to Facebook WiFi
Customize settings such as skipping check-in, session length, and vice versa
Test your Facebook WiFi by connecting your device to WiFi, and wait for a while for a Facebook Login page to appear.

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