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Zoho People – HR Software Solutions: Deliver Exceptional Employee Experiences

Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR software developed to nurture employees, quickly adjust to changes, and make HR management elegant and practical. Streamline your HR operations, maintain talent, and create a high-performing workforce while setting employee experience first.

Core HR simplified

Core HR simplified

Say goodbye to ordinary spreadsheets or rigid systems to handle HR tasks. Get more innovative and efficient software with features developed to free you from administrative work.

  • An employee database that rises
  • Efficient employee case-control
  • Savvy HR workflows
  • Insightful analytics

Optimize your time and attendance

Optimize your time and attendance

Zoho People’s time and attendance system let you concentrate on employee productivity while accurately tracking work hours and delivering error-free reporting.

  • Track attendance with comfort
  • Plan shifts effortlessly
  • Track days off efficiently
  • Convert time to timesheets

Performance management at its best

Performance management at its best

Enrich the talent that nurtures your business. Get insight into how each team performs, every individual’s skills and potential, and how you can improve organizational performance.

  • Flexible goal setting and KRA mapping
  • Continuous reviews and performance appraisals
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Analytics to identify performance gaps

Reimagine learning and development

Reimagine learning and development

Zoho People delivers a solid but simple way to manage and provide the best learning experience to your employees. Zoho People’s learning and development system enable dynamic learning for every team with engaging content and virtual training.

  • Blended learning with virtual classrooms
  • Centralized course management
  • Quiz and assessments

Why choose Zoho People?

Zoho People firmly believe that employees are the most valuable part of any organization. With this in mind, the Zoho product is developed to streamline your back-end HR processing and provide an exceptional experience to your employees.

100% Secure and Reliable

Zoho People is your safest bet, built on our cloud infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% uptime.

Easy to deploy, more accessible to learn

The Zoho People interface needs little to no explanation. Your HR staff and employees don’t have to be tech wizards to navigate our straightforward HRMS.

Designed for mobility and remote work.

Zoho People comes prepared as an Android and iOS app. We live in an era with increasing emphasis on employee mobility and remote work. The HR tool you use should cater to all types of employees. Whether it’s your office staff or remote workers, everyone can access their attendance, leave, tasks, cases, courses, and much more from wherever they are.

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