Why Bloody G575 VIRTUAL 7.1 GAMING HEADSET is Hot Selling?

Bloody G575 7.1 Gaming Headphones from A4Tech come with a built-in system along with versatile sound quality. The best thing about Bloody G575 is, it is quite inexpensive and this would be considered a plus.

Design and Convenience of Bloody G575 7.1 Gaming Headphones

The G575 is a wonderful headphone specifically designed for home use. It features a quite smooth shape despite its size. And there is nearly no metal in the design because the G575 mostly comes in plastic. But don’t you worry about the design or structure because the manufacturers of such products use great quality of polymer, albeit a simple touch. The G575 also features a shining design with a Bloody logo and even RGB backlighting. These backlights make this product more beautiful by changing the colors in a wide range.

It is a large and full-size headphone that comes in a unique and shining design. The G575 is specifically designed in such a way to best fit with the shape of the head and bring additional hold. The earpads used in G575 are made of eco-leather, they are pleasant to the touch, but in the summer, they will most likely be quite warm in them. But the earpads are soft and also have a memory effect.

The G575 also features a control panel that has adjusted in the two-meter USB cable in a cloth braid. The control panel consists of volume control, a microphone switch, and a button to turn on or off the backlight. And this control panel is not removable.

Bloody G575 7.1 Sound Quality

Obviously, you will not expect a lot of features from an inexpensive gaming headphone. Nevertheless, you might be mistaken because the G575 features shining and incredible options that you will be impressed with because it plays more than its own price. And let’s have a close look, the G575 features 50mm drivers, which is a vast stage and it feels you that you are at the bass party. TheG575 could be best suitable for gaming purposes, but you can also listen to your favorite pieces of music in these headphones.

Pros and Cons


  • The G575 has a comfortable design
  • Great built-in sound quality
  • Great headphone for home use


  • It brings too much bass

Where to buy the Bloody G575 7.1 Gaming Headphones in Pakistan

Well, there are a large number of online stores in Pakistan but we would recommend you one of the youngest and best online store in Pakistan called TechUber.Pk. TechUber is an online store that brings a vast range of quality products to its customer’s doorstep.

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